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Прякор: marcus69
Последно е бил в чат-а: 04.06.2005 22:19
Последно е бил в сайта: 29.12.2010 21:05
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Истинско име: Mark
ЛС: Изпратете лично съобщение
Уеб страница: http://4at.info/info.php?user=marcus69 http://4at.info/marcus69
ICQ номер: 336670177
Възраст: 38
Location: Earth
Няколко думи... o4ite mi - mislq o6te dosta vreme 6te sa si kafevi.

Kosata mi i tq e kafqva - no vijte tq ve4e ot dosta vreme ne e dulga.

update - do 17/07/2002 i bilo pisano da se zadarji na glavata mi... interesno...

Visok sum 168 cm, ama ako moje i o6te bih porasnal.

Nosya 41 razmer obuvki - ako nqkoi reshi da mi podarqva drehi - moje maratonki.

Kakvo drugo se vkliu4va - a da kojata mi se vodi bqla - pone spored religiqta mi - oficialno sum pravoslaven christianin (oba4e defacto sum po-skoro ateist).

Blah, koito iska da znae ne6to pove4e 6te mi se obadi da me pita.



I am keen on music (almost a professional DJ) and electronic hardware and at gadgets merely a specialist ( Hi-Fi Audio Video and multi media communication - mobiles and computer systems and software editable digital photography). I am able to handle and setup almost any simple device including machines like cars. With computers I have a fairly good general knowledge to even teach beginner people or kids. I like having fun and playing games - especially connected with outdoor activities that I really miss with all those playstations and computers lately. I think my dream job is going to be an owner of a UK based importing PCs company and exporting Media productions. Or I will at least be doing trade with the other end of Europe and parts of the world as a sales representve for a West-based business. I am a property owner but not in the UK and I will not point exactly what kind of property and where that is. But you can guess that I have a nice place to live on a fantastic lifetime vacation. Anyway I do not like to feel that there would be the need of my wing tsun skills to fight my wife (joking) if she is a lot bigger (heavier than 70 kg and/or taller than 175 cm) - more than me. I am quite peaceful person and very easy going in most cases , with a good sense of humour. My religion is a Christian Ortodox but actually - it is just a formal thing to me - and I should say my religion is MUSIC because of the variety and colours it captures and brigs everywhere around the world. So maybe that is one reason why I do not have a problem with having friends and other relationships with people of other cultures. Generally - that's it. If you would like to know what my current nickname and preferred communications network is - use this web page for reference.

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