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Bulgarians get Microsoft Longhorn early
The rest of us will just have to wait

By INQUIRER staff: Tuesday 30 March 2004, 06:59
WHILE THE PIRATED alpha version of Longhorn is already for sale in Bulgaria, Microsoft says the real thing will not be with us until 2006.

Speaking at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo, Gates said that "People are speculating that we're out in '06 sometime - that's probably valid speculation -- but it's not a date-driven release."

IT Hacks and analysts have been playing spot the release date for Longhorn since Windows XP came out in 2001. The date has been pushed back as the Redmond giant has tried to avoid as many security glitches that marred the early days of XP.

Meanwhile the Bulgarian pirates have been doing a roaring trade in Longhorn alphas. Seemingly the main buyers have been curious westerner tourists going to the country's capital, Sofia. µ


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- (анонимен)28.04.04 01:28:56
proud to be bulgarian

nasko (анонимен)18.04.04 11:18:23
viki kaji si e-maila du6ko

kenzo (анонимен)08.04.04 00:07:12
sere mi se
ama naistina mi se sere

viktoria (анонимен)01.04.04 18:01:52
mnogo mi xaresva

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